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Behavioral Health Continuum of Care

The Behavioral Health Continuum of Care outlines the stages of client care in accessible terms. Use it to pinpoint the best resources to evolve your program and meet your clients' individualized needs.

  Program Assessment Assessment
& Engagement
Treatment Continuing
Co-occurring Disorders Program (CDP) Clinical Administrator's Guidebook
Dual Diagnosis Capability in Addiction Treatment (DDCAT) Screening and Assessment Integrating Combined Therapies Family Program
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  
Medication Management  
A Guide for Living with Co-occurring Disorders DVD
CDP Trainings Administrator's Program Assessment Client Screening and Assessment Integrating Combined Therapies  Family Program Implementation
  Medication Management  
Counselor's Program Implementation
Co-occurring Disorders Integrated Treatment Webinar Series 1: Assessing Organizational Capability 2: Screening and Assessing Clients 3: Integrating Combined Therapies 6: Engaging Families
  4: Applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy  
5: Helping Clients Manage Medications  
7: Putting It All Together: The Co-occurring Disorders Program
Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Program Research to Practice Guide
Dual Diagnosis Capability in Mental Health Treatment (DDCMHT) Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT) IDDT Relapse Prevention Housing First
  Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) Supported Employment
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