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Double Trouble in Recovery

DTR FellowshipWe who have addictions and mental disorders are compelled to walk a long and narrow path. When we go out of control with our substances of choice, we become lost.

Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR) is a Twelve Step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from their particular addiction(s) and manage their mental disorder(s).

Meeting the Needs of the Dually Diagnosed

DTR is designed to meet the needs of the dually diagnosed, and is clearly for those having addictive substance problems as well as having been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorders.

DTR follows a Twelve Step approach to recovery. Working the DTR Twelve Steps and regular attendance at DTR and other appropriate self-help groups will help us gain the rewards of sanity, serenity and freedom from addictions. There are no dues or fees for DTR membership; they are self-supporting through contributions.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Double Trouble invites you to join us and continue or begin your mental, physical and spiritual recovery.

Resources and Materials 

Hazelden is the exclusive publisher of materials and supplies for Double Trouble in Recovery groups. These materials include:

Double Trouble materialsDouble Trouble in Recovery Basic Guide
This book is the equivalent to the Alcoholics Anonymous book for those dealing with severe mental illness and addiction.

How to Start a Double Trouble in Recovery Group: A Guide for Professionals
This guide provides the information and resources professionals need to help clients establish and maintain DTR groups in their community.

Starting and Running a Double Trouble in Recovery Group
This DVD features professionals and DTR group members giving practical information and inspiring personal stories about their experiences with the success of peer support.

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Contact Information

For information about using these materials or starting and running a group, contact us at training@hazelden.org.

Free downloads

These free printable posters and pamphlets (in pdf format) can complement the Basic Guide in your Double Trouble in Recovery group meetings.

Pamphlet: Suggestions for Starting a DTR Group
Learn how to begin a DTR group, organize your meetings, and communicate expectations to the group.

Pamphlet: The Role
of Sponsorship

Understand what a sponsor is, why it is important to have one, and how to find and have a good relationship with your sponsor.

Poster: Mark Your Calendar
This sheet will help group members remember the time and place of your next DTR meeting.

Poster: The Twelve Steps of Double Trouble in Recovery
This poster lists the Twelve Steps of DTR and can be posted at your meeting place for group members to keep in mind and follow.

Poster: The Twelve Traditions of DTR
As a daily reference for group members, print off this “Twelve Traditions” poster and place it at your meeting place.

Sample Script for DTR
Group Meetings

If you aren’t sure how to organize your first DTR group meeting, print off this sample script as a guide to follow. 

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