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Illness Management and Recovery

Groundbreaking, evidence-based program provides training in illness management and personal goal attainment for people living with a severe mental illness.


Illness Management
and Recovery (IMR)

Personalized Skills and Strategies for those with Mental Illness
Updated and Expanded

Practitioner manual, session guidlines, handouts, CD-ROM, and a DVD produced by SAMHSA

Author: Kim Mueser, Ph.D.
Author: Susan Gingerich

Online Price: $325.00 Each

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Hazelden has released the third edition of the evidence-based practice Illness Management and Recovery. The new edition features a new module on Healthy Living, revised and expanded handouts and session guidelines, and a renewed focus on implementation of the program.

IMR is designed for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and major mood disorders. Since its first development in the early 2000s, IMR has drawn significant interest-both nationally and internationally-and has been proven effective in improving illness self-management and functional outcomes. IMR has been translated into 11 languages and is now used in Australia, the United States, and countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Originally part of the Evidence Based Practices Project organized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, IMR incorporates research-backed interventions for teaching clients about their illnesses and training them in a variety of illness-management strategies. In recent controlled trials, the program itself has been shown to improve client knowledge and symptom management.

The latest edition of IMR adds a module on schizoaffective disorder along with an optional module on healthy lifestyles. The modules Building Social Support and Coping with Symptoms have been expanded, and the module and handouts on medications have been revised.

The latest edition also includes revisions intended to aid in the implementation of IMR. Handouts and session guidelines are more clearly demarcated into meeting sessions, and example in-session exercises and home assignments have been added to handouts to assist in skills acquisition.

Included in the edition, an Implementation Guide offers direction on program logistics and organizational structure and advice on key program components such as goal setting, effective home practice, and teaching modules. The guide includes a case example and information on engaging clients, orienting them to the program, and following up with them upon completion of the program.


Professional Development

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