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Colleagues conferring Integrated Treatment

Integrated treatment simply means that one provider (or one team of providers) delivers both mental health and substance use services at the same time.

Integrated Treatment
is Most Effective Approach

Integrated treatment is now considered an evidence-based practice because multiple randomized controlled trials have shown it to be more effective than other approaches. Learn more

Professional Development

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A 35-module online course, Focus on Integrated Treatment, when paired with clinic hours, provides clinicians with the training needed to achieve credentials in co-occurring disorders treatment. Learn more

Evaluate Your Capability to Treat Co-occurring Disorders

Administrators and program leaders can evaluate an existing program's capability to provide integrated services with the Dual Diagnosis Capability in Addiction Treatment Index or the Dual Diagnosis Capability in Mental Health Treatment Index. Learn more

The Key to Program Change?
A Local Champion

A persuasive leader can be the force for change in behavioral health programs. Sam Tsemberis, founder of the Pathways model Housing First, provides one such example and offers his view on the key elements required to successfully launch a program.

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