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Medication, Practices Help Patients with CODs Find Sleep

Many clients with co-occurring disorders experience sleep problems but have difficulties with sleep medications. Physicians and experts at Dartmouth offer their insights on safe and effective treatments.

Latest Research on Treating PTSD and Addiction

Researchers summarize report findings on the efforts to integrate treatment of co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorders.

Helping Clients Understand the Role of Medication

Medications can help in managing symptoms of mental illness, but many clients remain reluctant. A few approaches can open a dialog on prescription medications.

Continuity of Treatment and Dual Disorders Services

Most service providers recognize that recovery for people with substance use and mental health disorders is an ongoing, lifelong process. But how can providers assess their commitment to this process? Here are a few key areas of inquiry.

Medications and the Management of CODs

Dr. Mary Brunette answers questions from participants in her Web seminar on medication management and the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center-Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Program.

Supported Employment: Latest Guidance and Research

Over the past 20 years, the Individual Placement and Support model of vocational support has been validated by more than a dozen controlled research studies. In this column, researchers at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center survey the latest developments and research on the program.

Engaging Teens in Treatment for Trauma

Parents and family members remain one of the strongest influencing factors in an adolescent's successful treatment. Researchers and specialists in treating teens with symptom of trauma offer advice to clinicians.

Addressing Stigma Among Peer Specialists in the Workplace

A counselor and specialist in co-occurring disorders reflects on work, a life in recovery, and what it means to embrace the recovery philosophy.

Nine Feature of the Best Mental Health Practices

What makes a program effective or evidence-based? Researchers at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center offer their criteria and test them against an established, recognized program.

Practical Tips on Supported Employment

Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center researchers/trainers respond to participants during their recent web conference on supported employment.

Shared Decision Making: Recent Research and Strategies

Shared decision making has long been identified as a guiding principle of mental health care and client-centered care. The Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center has focused recent research efforts into identifying strategies to address some of these difficulties.

Medications and the Management of Co-occurring Disorders

Dr. Mary Brunette answers questions from participants in her Web seminar on medication management and the Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Program.

Applying CBT

Dr. Mark McGovern responds to participants in his web conference on implementing cognitive behavioral therapy and the Dartmouth-Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Program.

Screening for Co-occurring Disorders

Dr. Mark McGovern responds to questions from participants in his Web conference on screening and assessment and the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center-Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Program.

Written plan helps clients note relapse triggers

This excerpt our new manual, Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment, focuses on relapse prevention. We think it is particularly appropriate to the manual's offer of practical guidance for clinicians and its message of hope for clients.

Dartmouth PRC joins as regular contributor

Beginning this month, the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center will appear as a regular contributor to the Behavioral Health Evolution website. In this column, we'll answer questions about implementing interventions for those with co-occurring disorders, consider emerging issues in treating mental illness, and look at promising research.



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Focus on Integrated Treatment:
This webinar provides an overview of FIT and explains its role in providing the tools and training needed to become certified to treat clients with co-occurring disorders.
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