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Privacy Policy

Assuring security and confidentiality are hallmarks of the Hazelden Foundation. Here is how we pledge to protect your privacy and ensure the highest level of security possible while on our website:

Hazelden does NOT:

  • provide or release names, email addresses, or postal addresses to any third party (you should be aware, however, that certain state and federal laws may require that we report certain information from time to time)
  • track or report on any individual registrant's activity on the site

Hazelden uses the data to:

  • ensure you are sent the information you have requested
  • measure global, not individual site activity
  • develop new website services
  • offer more information on popular topics

Website security

The Behavioral Health Evolution website and Hazelden's online bookstore make use of physical, electronic, and procedural security measures. As long as you are using a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL)-enabled browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, information is transmitted over an SSL line. This encrypts your information as it travels over the Internet. Hazelden stores information on our secure server and uses a firewall designed to block access from the outside.


Some sections of our site (such as our online bookstore) use "cookies" in order to offer more personalized service. Cookies are a feature of your browser that store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to a site. This helps our site to "remember" you and provide more personalized service the next time you visit. It is an automated process. Hazelden does not monitor or collect any data from cookies. Read more about cookies.

IP Addresses

The Web server automatically collects the IP (which stands for Internet Protocol) address of the computers that access our site. An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer when you access the Internet. It is not truly personally identifiable information because many different individuals can access the Internet via the same computer. We use this information in aggregate form to understand how our site is being used and how we can better serve visitors.

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