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A comprehensive program

The Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Program consists of five curricula, a DVD, and the Clinical Administrator's Guidebook. These resources serve the needs of all the primary stakeholders who treat and are affected by co-occurring disorders. Supervisors, clinicians, and health service workers will find educational materials to guide them in screening, assessing, and treating patients with co-occurring disorders.

The list price for the complete program is $1,295.00. Each component can be purchased separately.

Worksheets, handouts, and video information are included for clients and their families. The program format is flexible enough to offer a standardized yet customizable treatment experience. This gives clients the knowledge, structure, and support they need to achieve abstinence from drugs and initiate a long-term program of mental health recovery.

CDP Clinical Administrator's GuideClinical Administrator's Guidebook

This guidebook provides an overview of the Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Program and an introduction to integrated treatment. It offers all the tools a clinical administrator needs to assess the seven key areas of organizational effectiveness, including the policy, practice, and workforce benchmarks needed to deliver the best possible services to persons with co-occurring disorders. List price: $85.00

CDP Screening & AssessmentCurriculum 1: Screening and Assessment

This curriculum is a must-use tool that helps clinicians evaluate patients with an effective, protocol-driven method so that appropriate treatment options can be addressed with regard to each patient's symptoms, history, and motivation to change. Included are specific measures for screening, assessment, differential diagnostics, and stage of motivation to address and treat both addiction and psychiatric problems in patients. List price: $195.00

CDP Integrating Combined TherapiesCurriculum 2: Integrating Combined Therapies

This curriculum brings together the evidence-based practices of motivational enhancement therapy (MET), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and Twelve Step facilitation (TSF) in a model that suits the client's motivation to change. MET engages change, CBT works to assist change, and TSF sustains change and elaborates on it. List price: $295.00

CDP Cognitive-Behavioral TherapyCurriculum 3: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This curriculum uses the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to address the most common psychiatric problems in both mental health and addiction treatment settings: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and thought disorders. Research shows that CBT is useful for treating non-severe co-occurring psychiatric disorders in an addiction treatment setting. List price: $265.00

CDP Medications ManagementCurriculum 4: Medication Management

This curriculum is a valuable resource for medical directors and clinicians. It contains vital, current information about the complex issues of medication management, including medication compliance and other psychological concerns of the patient. Issues of differential diagnosis, timing, indications, monitoring, dosage, tolerance and withdrawal, and other topics are considered in this component. List price: $165.00

CDP Family ProgramCurriculum 5: Family Program

This curriculum helps family members learn about the client's specific psychiatric disorder and how it interacts with the substance use disorder. Families join other families in a flexible 12-week program of education on topics such as managing cravings, communicating effectively, using medications, and preventing relapses. This curriculum includes the DVD (see below). List price: $325.00

DVD: CDP Guide for Living DVDA Guide for Living with Co-occurring Disorders:
Help and Hope for Clients and Their Families

This 83-minute video educates patients and families on the treatment of co-occurring disorders. It provides an educational overview of co-occurring disorders, offers interviews from people who have them, and discusses ways that patients can participate in treatment to better manage their recovery from both disorders. Included are dramatic vignettes, as well as professional narration, to show a comprehensive look at all the issues of recovery. List price: $225.00

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A Guide to Living with Co-occurring Disorders provides an educational overview of co-occurring disorders, offers interviews from people who have them, and discusses ways that patients can participate in treatment to better manage their recovery.

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