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Daily Meditations Help People with Mental Health Disorders

Daily meditations have long been a part of recovery for people with addictions. These examples, from A Restful Mind, offer inspiration and support for people living with mental health problems.

* * *

Truth Is An Essential

When we have a setback, or when our illness has taken hold of us, we must admit it to ourselves and, when necessary, to others.

Some of us may be tempted to try to fool others (or ourselves) into believing that everything is fine. We don't want to admit that we have taken a step back. But by not admitting what has happened-or what may be happening right now-we allow our fear and pride to control us. We put our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives in danger.

Setbacks are normal from time to time. They do not make us weaker or less valued. When we feel tempted to deny our situation, let us cast aside our fear and pride and admit that we are having trouble. That way we can get whatever help we need. We can move forward.

If I have a setback today, will I admit it?

Thought for the Day

Truth is essential to recovery.

* * *

Not Me!

Chances are, we never thought we would experience a mental illness; never thought we would become isolated or at times lose all hope; never thought suicide might become an obsession; never thought we could be institutionalized; never thought we could act so out of control, often against our morals or values.

We also probably never thought we could find hope and recover, never thought we could learn to cope with the illness, be reasonably content with ourselves, and live each day as best we can. Yet all of this can happen to us.

Today, am I stuck in what I think should happen or fear might happen-or am I focused on what is possible here and now?

Thought for the Day

Although life is full of unknowns and surprises,
I can make the choice each moment to affirm my life.

* * *

Excerpts from A Restful Mind: Daily Meditations for Enhancing Mental Health by Mark Allen Zabawa. Copyright Hazelden Foundation 2010.

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