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These preview videos provide overviews of Hazelden DVDs about behavioral health and co-occurring disorders.

Housing First

The groundbreaking Pathways to Housing First model seeks to provide the homeless with independent housing as quickly as possible, followed by a team approach to bring other necessary support services.

A Guide for Living with PTSD

Through compelling client testimonials and expert guidance from renowned researchers, this video educates clinicians, clients, and families on the history, challenges, and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

A Guide for Living with Co-occurring Disorders

This component of the Hazelden Co-occurring Disorders Program educates patients and families on the treatment of co-occurring disorders. It provides an overview of co-occurring disorders, interviews with people who have them, and discussions of ways that patients can participate in treatment.

Starting and Running a Double Trouble in Recovery Group

This video features footage of group participants and clinician interviews, and offers practical guidance on establishing Double Trouble in Recovery groups. DTR is the only evidence-based peer support group for those with co-occurring disorders.

More videos

Adolescents and Co-occurring Disorders
Adolescents and Co-occurring DisordersThis DVD introduces youth to strategies for staying sober while coping with a co-occurring disorder.
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Adults and Co-occurring Disorders
Adults and Co-occurring Disorders DVDThis DVD helps clients gain insight into maintaining recovery while dealing with dual disorders. Features clinical insights by noted expert Kenneth Minkoff.

 Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
Hazelden's video series reveals the truth about eating disorders and other psychosocial or behavioral disorders such as ADHD and trauma through the words and experiences of real teens.

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